Brooklyn-based record label VIP Music Records launched its Secret Hits platform in August 2018. This platform is a collaboration of the intuition and skill of emerging talent with established producers and music industry professionals. The new roster of artists features rappers such as Lil Eddie and The Jackie Boyz and record producers such as Danny Ruan and Ismael Volquez. The company is dedicated to helping young artists establish themselves in the music industry.

While the overall user base is relatively small compared to other similar sites, the torrent index is huge. VIPMusic’s homepage even shows incorrect registered user stats, but the site has over 25500 torrents in active use. And because it’s so popular, it has a very comprehensive music library. This allows users to easily find the music they’re looking for. But how can you tell if VIPMusic is for you? Let’s look at the software’s performance and usability.

The first thing that you’ll notice about VIPMusic is its layout. While the site has few users compared to other similar music websites, the torrent index is large. If you want to find the best songs, VIPMusic’s homepage is easy to navigate, as well as providing detailed information about all available tracks. In addition to that, VIPMusic also supports plugins that add an extra layer of functionality. If you’re looking to make music online, VIPMusic is the best way to go.


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