Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout, might be mining the profit-winning products on Amazon before he founded Jungle Scout in 2015. Whatever might be the reasons for Greg to come up with the Jungle Scout, this amazing software is enabling the new sellers along the existing ones to optimize their Amazon selling business with a guaranteed profit.

Jungle Scout remained the focus of most of the sellers and virtual assistants working online remotely with FBA businesses on Amazon. Not only it is making guaranteeing profits, but it is also making entry into the FBA business easy and risk-free with most of its features.

Each user of Jungle Scout is reviewing the features of Amazon based on the performance of the features and which has benefited the user accordingly. Despite being a little more expensive, most of the current sellers are opting for Jungle Scout Pro for its new and result-oriented features.

Below are the features of Jungle Scout Pro review which were rated high and reviewed with good reviews by the users and the clients of the freelancers who were using the Jungle Scout Pro in 2021.

Top Rated JS Pro Features

Web App of Jungle Scout Pro

However, the Jungle Scout Pro web app is a little bit expensive as compared to other research tool web apps, still, it is the most recommended research tool. The reason for being the tool recommended is that the seller can not only get high profit generating categories and the product niches in that category, but it can also keep a check on the performance of the competitor or the competitors. The user can filter the data available with the Amazon database according to the needs of the seller and provide the most valued stats.

Extension App of Jungle Scout Pro

Amazon has a vast database of millions of products, is unable for most of the researchers to get through each and every category while analyzing the products as profit winning. Jungle Scout has the best options to filter the results while having fine and rapid research for a product after getting the niche and category ideas from the Jungle Scout Pro web service, it’s easy to go through the database of Amazon against the search criteria. There are auto-saved filters in the Jungle Scout Pro Extension, making the search for a winning product more profit-oriented.

Jungle Scout Pro Product Tracker

The Product Tracker feature of Jungle Scout Pro is another good reason for reviewing the Jungle Scout Pro with the best feedback from the users and businesses using this feature.

With JS Pro Product Tracker, one can know the performance of a competitors’ product over a desired period of time. With this amazing feature, one can keep a check on the stock of the competitor, sales, prices, and most importantly, the ranking strategies of the top-ranking products. The records are maintained on a daily base, and provide reports on the competitors’ products with deep insights like optimizing and ranking strategies.

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