Central India is one of the favourite parts of tourists paying a visit to India. A gentle and magical terrain dotted with ancient monuments and impressive forts, rich with animals and broken by some of the nation’s most dynamic and fascinating towns is all the perks of this region.

However, a vast part of Central India is still unexplored, and it has a lot to offer to urban travellers. Off the beaten path of Rajasthan and the Ganges River valley, you’ll find countless beautiful historical landmarks, various nature reserves, and a rural way of life that will carry you back to India a few decades back.

Therefore, let’s talk about the top 3 places to visit in India that will surely not disappoint you:

Track Tigers in Madhya Pradesh – Bandhavgarh National Park

Although Tiger hunting is no longer possible, you may still enjoy the unique excitement of a camera pursuit in Madhya Pradesh’s authentic “Kipling Country.” You may safely walk in the paw pads of the world’s most spectacular creature, the wild tigers that wander India’s most stunning national parks, on the walk, in jeeps, or on the top of a gigantic elephant.

These safaris are a must-do experience globally, taking you through some of the area’s most breathtaking terrain and providing opportunities to see various animals and 175 different types of Indian birds. You may flip a fresh chapter in this live Jungle Book deep in the woods of Madhya Pradesh with a bit of that ancient Maharajah energy.

This place is suitable for those who want to experience some vintage vibes.

World’s Most Lavish Heritage Hotel – Hyderabad

The Falaknuma Palace, located on a mountain just above ancient town, is the most beautiful location you’ve ever stayed in. The 120-room structure was the sixth nizam’s favourite pleasure palace, holding his harem and where he came to celebrate.

It was constructed by British architect William Merritt and completed in stunning Louie XIV style between 1884 and 1893. It was abandoned after the battle, only to be restored by the Taj Group of hotels, who transformed it into the world’s most stunning historic hotel with the support of the previous queen.

When you reach, exhausted from your travel, you will be driven up a steep hill to the hotel by horse-drawn carriage, where you’ll be welcomed into the castle’s magnificent rooms like two heads of government from another period.

Pachmarhi – Bhopal

Captain James Forsyth constructed this charming Victorian hill station in 1857 and over a thousand meters above the valleys in the center of the Satpura Mountains. If you want to find somewhere to stay in this area, you can use the accommodation search engine cozycozy.

It has a lot of excellent British homes, many of which have been converted into tiny area guesthouses, as well as one of the state’s greatest imperial cathedrals, built of sandstone and terracotta bricks with a towering steeple and magnificent glass windows.

There are several local sights, including five caverns, several stunning rivers, mountain vistas, and several unique troglodyte temples. However, getting out of town into the mountains with your leader for a day trip in forest is the best thing to do here.


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