If you’re a veteran trader, you should consider using MetaTrader 4, an advanced trading platform. The fees of different platforms can be vastly different. Take the time to compare platforms and read user reviews before choosing one. Some platforms may have hidden fees or charge extra for withdrawals, holding overnight positions, or inactivity.

Best Forex Trading Platform

Trade with more than 80 different currencies using the interface of the forex trading platform. The website will allow you to search for currency pairs, and you can view the bid and ask prices in a transparent manner. The best forex trading platforms have a platform that is easy to navigate, and they’ll let you try out different features before you start investing real money.

This software is designed specifically for scalpers and allows you to open and close positions quickly. Many other platforms are not as convenient. A trader who trades Forex regularly should consider using MetaTrader 4. You can use an automated trading system to trade, but it won’t be as effective as a professional. While it does remove the need for emotion in trading, it’s still susceptible to glitches. The best forex trading platform has a backtesting feature, which allows you to try out a strategy in past market conditions. This helps you find any flaws in your trading strategy, and refine it further. Despite its benefits, backtesting is not foolproof. It relies on the premise that a successful tactic in a past situation will likely work in the future.

The supply zone is a place in a market that is reminiscent of excessive supply. For example, a product might be overpriced if many traders want to sell it. A market that is too overpriced can also be in a supply zone, creating an opportunity for buyers to exit the market at any time. But how do you identify a supply zone?

Why You Should Trade With Roboforex Broker

If you have been thinking about trading with a RoboForex broker but are unsure of how to proceed, read on to discover more information. First and foremost, this broker allows high leverage levels. If you choose to trade with more than one initial account, you can use up to 1:2000 leverage. You should know how to use leverage properly, however, as the maximum amount allowed is 1:2000.

Among its many features, RoboForex offers several different types of accounts. The Prime Trading Account offers a much wider range of assets and is designed for higher-level traders. This account also provides access to a larger financial market, which is useful if you intend to invest in a high-risk currency pair. You can also take advantage of RoboForex’s demo account, which offers unlimited virtual trading.

Wrapping Up

Another great feature of RoboForex is its 0% commission policy. Most other brokers charge commissions for deposits and withdrawals, but RoboForex offers zero commission on both deposits and withdrawals. For instance, if you were trading EUR/USD, a pip is equal to 0.01 – 0.0001 on all other pairs. In addition to a live account, you can open a Demo account to trade free of charge.


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