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One of the most crucial aspects of the race car driving experience may not be what you think. You may see it as something exciting and one of the most incredible experiences in life, but the most important aspect of driving a race car is your safety. It may sound a bit condescending, but you would be surprised how many people neglect that part of that racing. 

Sometimes it is about fearlessness or “a bruised ego” when people hear that they need the full-body clothing equipment for racing. Car drivers can be very sure of themselves, especially, when they are professional. Luckily racewear equipment looks very cool, and now racecar drivers can wear all the safety clothing with confidence that they look great in it. If you are looking for high-quality racewear equipment, check out Westwood Racing Supplies. If you want to learn more about racewear equipment, keep reading this article. Here you will learn useful information about racewear equipment and what you need to keep in mind, when you are choosing your professional racecar driver clothing.

Safety of the Driver Is Paramount

The professional racecar driver would need to have safety-standardized racewear that corresponds to the world standards for protective racecar driver wear. With the advances in technology, modern racewear gives all the necessary protection a driver could need.

So what kind of gear does the racecar driver need? 

Every extreme sport has an element of danger, but it should have two elements of safety. Car racing is a beautiful, exciting, and amazing sport, but it is also qualified as a high-risk sport. For instance, professional racecar drivers require the most high-quality safety equipment that will help protect them during an event of a crash. Among all the safety equipment in the vehicle, the driver’s wear is also a part of that equipment. Everything in the car and worn by the driver – including driver wear must follow the safety regulations. So let’s check out the basics:

Safe Fire Suit 

The most recognizable part of the racecar safety wear is the fire suit. For those who wear the suit are well protected by fire. So should the car burst into flames, the driver’s life is protected. For those who frequently go on races and rallies this suit becomes like their second skin. 


Although you may be an exceptionally skilled racecar driver, accidents happen, especially, if you drive at a very fast speed. So, don’t think twice, a helmet is a must, when it comes to the safety of any racecar driver. Make sure you get a high-quality helmet like those offered at Westwood Racing Supplies. There you can find a various helmets in different colors to best suit your needs. Ensure your extra level of safety for your exciting car racing experience.


Professional racecar driver gloves are not just an accessory, signifying sophistication. They are not merely a chic feature. They are an actual necessity for every race driver. The function of the gloves exceeds the fashionable glamor of the driver’s suit. The gloves protect the driver from injury and allow them to have a firm wheel grip. They are designed to numb the vibrations and prevent heating up in the hands.


Thanks to technological advancements and scientific research racing shoes have evolved into one of the most sophisticated car racing equipment, a driver must have. Today many companies design high-quality racing car shoes that resemble wrestling shoes. They snug the foot smoothly, allowing free movement and depriving the foot getting stuck while switching between the pedals. These are not the regular sneakers you would wear for everyday walks or playing basketball. These shoes are designed specifically for racing, so don’t jump into your racecar without them. You can find high-quality race shoes at Westwood Racing Supplies.


Being in a hot car for hours, at a time, during driving may not be the most pleasant experience for the body. It starts to dehydrate, and you can’t just stop the car and go to the bathroom, so you need special underwear. Some professional race drivers from F1 even wear special diapers. 

To Sum it Up… 

Professional high-quality racewear is vital for the safety of any racecar driver. It doesn’t matter if this is just a hobby for you, you are just starting, or a skilled professional racecar driver. Your safety must come first. That’s why great brands are providing high-quality gear for racecar drivers that have made countless tests, making sure, they would provide ultimate safety for your racing experience.

At Westwood Racing Supplies, you would find racewear items that fit any professional driver’s requirements. Tailored following the safety standards and regulations, the professional equipment, offered at the store ranges from different items, designed to boost your confidence behind the wheel and be safe.


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