Australia is a popular country for studying abroad, and more and more international students choose to study in this country for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. So what is the way to apply for undergraduate study in Australia? This article will tell you.

Application pathway

1. Preparatory course

Students can use their high school sophomore and language scores to apply for preparatory course in Australia. Generally, the grades in the second year of high school should be 70-90%, and the English must be IELTS 5.5. TOEFL can also be used. Some schools also have their own language tests. But in the end, whether the application can pass or not depends on the student’s GPA. There is no standard for GPA requirements, and each school has its own requirements.

2. Express Course

Generally, the main purpose of students who apply for this course is to adapt to the living and learning conditions here. This type of program requires applicants to have an average score of around 70-80%.

3. Use the college entrance examination scores to apply

If you think your grades in the college entrance examination are relatively good, you can apply in this way, even if you are already in their freshman year, you can also use their college entrance examination scores to apply.

4. Backup option: transfer

This option is a route students can take when none of the previous routes are suitable. Or if you feel that this school or major is not something you particularly like or want to study after school starts, you can choose to transfer to Australia.

Generally, no matter what period you study, you can transfer to this place for undergraduate studies, but after you arrive here, the grade you can study in depends on how many transfer credits you have. Generally, schools will look at the student’s recent grades when reviewing the transfer grades. If you have only been in college for less than one year, you can also use the college entrance examination results to assist in the application.

Application conditions

1. Apply for the Australian Undergraduate Preparatory Course

SAT score: Australia’s undergraduate preparatory courses have prescribed requirements for college entrance examination results.

Usual grades: The applicant’s high school grades should be above 70 points, and there should be no bad records, such as absenteeism, failed courses, etc.

Language score: The TOEFL must be at least 75+, and the IELTS score is 5.5+.

Age: The age of applying for the undergraduate preparatory course should not be too old, and the chances of passing the application are higher between the ages of 18 and 25.

Many students choose to study abroad in Australia for undergraduate preparatory courses to preview the Australian study abroad courses in advance, to improve their language proficiency, and to lay the foundation for future undergraduate studies.

2. Apply for undergraduate degree in Australia

Academic requirements: To apply for undergraduate study in Australia, you must be at least a high school graduate or a junior college graduate. The institution you study in is preferably a well-known institution in the top ranking in your home country, and it must be a full-time institution recognized by the domestic education bureau.

Age requirement: To apply for undergraduate study abroad, the age must be in line with the actual situation, not too big or too young. The graduation must be older than 18 years old, and the application must be younger than 30 years old. Applications over the age are invalid.

Language Requirements: IELTS 6.5+ and TOEFL 80+ are all prerequisites. If you do not meet this foundation, you may feel powerless in your daily life and lectures.

Funding Requirements: For undergraduate study in Australia, the capital requirements must be much lower in other English-speaking countries, but it is also necessary to ensure that there is sufficient amount to pay for the study abroad expenses.

Physical requirements: Before studying abroad, you need to provide a medical report, conduct a specific examination in a designated hospital, and confirm that you are in good health before you are allowed to enter Australia to study abroad.

Highlights of the application

Application materials: During the application process, the impression you give is all reflected in the materials you prepare. It is very important to check whether the preparation of materials is complete and sufficient, whether the classification is reasonable, whether there are errors in the content, and whether the writing is standardized. When reviewing your material, it is easy to get extra points if it is very complete and eye-catching.

Economic level: To apply for courses in Australia, of course, you must provide the corresponding financial certificate to prove that your family can easily afford the expenses, and it will not bring financial pressure to the family, and you do not need to work or part-time in Australia to complete your studies.

Language skills: Living alone in a foreign country requires basic communication skills. Therefore, you must meet the requirements for language proficiency when applying for undergraduate study in Australia. Otherwise, your application pass rate will be affected.


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