NDIS Cleaning Services and Post-Renovation Cleaning

Depending on your needs, you can find professional help in Sydney Harbourside ndis cleaning services or post renovation cleaning. A professional cleaning team will use non-toxic cleaning solutions to eliminate odors, dust, dirt, and other build-up. The cost of cleaning supplies and labour will vary. However, non-toxic cleaning solutions are usually more effective than traditional methods. Read on to discover more about non-toxic cleaning solutions and the best way to hire them.


You need the Sydney Harbourside cleaned regularly to benefit the local tourism and industry. A thorough cleaning also protects the pristine waters in the region, and benefits the property owners and commercial vessel operators. The NSW government’s Roads and Maritime Service has a statutory responsibility for harbourside cleanliness. They are responsible for cleaning the foreshore for over 270 kilometres. However, you may need to hire a professional cleaning company to ensure the harbourside of your property is as clean as possible.

A professional cleaning company is capable of completing both standard and deep cleaning tasks, but it can also handle a variety of specialized services. In addition to performing post renovation cleaning, these professionals are also capable of COVID sanitization and industrial cleanup. NDIS cleaning services also cover post-construction cleaning, deep cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, spring cleaning, and commercial cleaning. You can book a cleaning service online or by calling 02 9064 2854.

Non-toxic cleaning solutions

When you’re cleaning up after a Sydney Harbourside renovation, you may want to use a non-toxic solution. There are many DIY non-toxic cleaning solutions available. Baking soda is a great way to clean and deodorize, and borax is a powerful disinfectant. Generally available in grocery stores in bars, flakes, and liquid form, borax can help keep your Sydney Harbourside premises free of harmful toxins.

Cost of labour

If you are planning to hire Sydney cleaning services, make sure you know how much the cost of labour for these services would be. Usually, post renovation cleaning includes wiping down surfaces, removing dust and grime, and replacing doorknobs and hinges. Depending on the type of cleaning, you may also need to hire handymen for this work. However, if you are planning to use the services of professional cleaners, you can choose to use the NDIS funds for these cleaning tasks.

Usually, builders leave a huge mess on the construction site after a construction project is finished. Most homeowners opt to hire a cleaning service to clear the site of construction debris. When you choose a Sydney cleaning service, make sure they comply with the local council’s cleaning checklist to ensure a complete job. Besides that, you should ask how long the cleaning will take.

Cost of cleaning supplies

The Clean Group Sydney offers NDIS cleaning in Sydney at affordable prices. They have an in-house team of cleaners with extensive experience and training. They are registered with the NDIS and have provided Sydney residents with affordable cleaning services for over 20 years. Contact them now to learn more about their services. You can also call them directly on 1300 141 946 to request a free quote. This will ensure you receive the best value for your money!

The Clean Group has extensive experience in cleaning for NDIS participants and members. The company is trusted by hundreds of clients in Australia and uses green cleaning practices. They use safe, non-toxic solutions. NDIS cleaners can be booked online. In addition, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee for NDIS cleaning services. You can even use the Clean Group’s service to get your office or home cleaned. Clean Group provides NDIS cleaning services online and offer competitive rates.

Quality of service

The importance of quality service for post renovation and NDIS cleaning services is unquestionable. This type of service is not only essential but also highly beneficial. Professionals handling this type of service have specialized training and experience. They also use complex PPE units, which include face shields, respirators, and protective clothing. In addition to this, the service provider offers a satisfaction guarantee.


For residential NDIS cleaning services, you should consider hiring an expert cleaning service. The cost of cleaning services should be competitive and should include a satisfaction guarantee. The Clean Group offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services for homes, offices, and other commercial properties. They use advanced cleaning techniques, which include dry/steam cleaning and carpet shampooing. They also provide discounts to NDIS members.


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