Master Electrical Services For Residential And Commercial Buildings

Electricity is an integral part of the daily lives of human beings as it facilitates the execution of various tasks and activities. The amount of consumption varies depending on whether the power gets used in a residential or commercial place. All Day Electrician provides exceptional electrical services with over twenty years of experience in the electrical business. The company is licensed and insured; hence clients get assured of a quality service whenever they engage the electrical professionals for their homes or business electrical needs ensuring that their activities run smoothly.

Additionally, the professionals have an unmatched twenty-four-hour availability with their electricians found throughout the United States. The excellent availability enables them to quickly solve the electrical problems that people face with competitive free estimates, making their services very affordable. Additionally, the team offers an excellent customer service experience, keenly listening to client issues and providing sound advice on the best ways to fix the problems promptly. The client’s safety is essential, which the electrical professionals treat as the number one priority while providing the best quality materials from well-known and trusted suppliers. Some of the electrical services offered include:


Electrical repairs require the services of an expert to prevent the occurrence of accidents and, in severe cases, death. The electrician Columbia, SC professionals, specialize in landscape lighting, bathroom lighting, holiday lighting, and more, making them a one-stop shop for lighting. The other lighting services they provide include motion sensors and transformers. The services get well executed to ensure that building spaces get well-lit as the client requires. Additionally, lighting equipment is of top quality to guarantee durability with a maximum performance rate.

Installation and repairs

Installation and repair are cumbersome since everything needs to get handled well to avoid catastrophic electrical accidents. Additionally, the best quality electrician Columbia, SC tools get required for successful installation and repair services such as smoke-detector installations, electrical panel upgrades and extractor fan installations. The installations need to get well done to prevent accidents that arise from the poor installation, which may lead to fire and explosion, leading to loss of property. The installation process can get complex. Hence, the need to involve electrical professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to tackle all the challenges during the installation procedure.

Electrical safety

Electricity is both helpful and harmful when not handled with a lot of care and caution. The electrical devices need to get well installed and sealed from hazardous external factors. The electrician Columbia, SC professionals, conducts quality electrical services that adhere to the local and state codes, limiting the risks of the electrical fault within the residential or commercial buildings. Additionally, the professionals specialize in other electrician Columbia, SC safety issues such as outlet childproofing, electrical safety inspection, wiring updates, surge protection, circuit breaker replacements and dedicated computer circuits. The safe installation and repair of the electrical equipment and materials guarantee the safety of the building dwellers from electrical accidents due to poor installations and recklessness.

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