Joggers were designed to be worn for exercise, but like so many other pieces from the athleisure movement, the mainstream has taken on and they can now be worn for a variety of events. Joggers are comfortable pants seasoned with an athletic look. Joggers are broadest at the top and taper down the leg, fitting snugly around the ankle. Most joggers include a drawstring or elastic waist, and the ankles are also pulled close to the body by the use of elastic. While joggers originated as a sort of sweatpants, they are now constructed of a range of materials and come in a number of sizes and designs that are more elegant and customised.

Joggers are true to their name. Although running as a sport and form of voluntary exercise extends back to ancient Greece, it went out of popularity until the modern Olympic games were reintroduced in 1896. As more individuals took up running as a sport, it became clear that running-specific attire was required. Émile Camuset, the creator of the sportswear firm Le Coq Sportif and a French apparel designer. Camuset was a runner who had become tired of running in non-sporting gear on a daily basis. He started experimenting with numerous designs of trousers, as well as different materials and shapes, until settling on the basic jogging sweatpants that we’ve been wearing ever since.

The jogging pants craze is presently at an all-time high, from college students to professional guys. Joggers track pants have a tapered leg for an athletic look. Best joggers for men and women are no longer just for sports enthusiasts. This athleisure trend is also taking over the streets. Joggers for girls and boys are now available in slimline and stylish forms. One can buy joggers online at a low price and dress them up in a variety of ways. Prepare to be wowed by our list of the most versatile ways to wear men’s jogging trousers. This article discusses about some of the tips that can help individuals select the perfect pair of jogger pants.

Tips to choose the perfect pair of joggers:

Joggers are of different types and it is important to understand them before buying a pair. One should understand what type of jogger they need and according to that requirement they should choose a pair. The different types of joggers are:

  • Sporty joggers: Sporty joggers are the original, traditional, and the first thing that most people think of when they think of joggers. However, even joggers designed for athletic usage have evolved significantly since the first sweatpants were produced in the 1920s. While traditional joggers were often baggy, frequently made of a thick material, and added bulk, today’s athletic joggers have a much leaner shape and flatter the figure more while still providing the necessary range of mobility for a hard workout. Joggers designed for exercises or sports are increasingly being created from performance and technical fabrics that are moisture-wicking, breathable, and odour-resistant, such as bamboo performance fabric.
  • Lounge Joggers: Lounge joggers are the greatest choice for a pair of comfy trousers to wear while watching the big game on Sunday. These joggers feature a more relaxed fit, are often loose cut, and are constructed of a material that prioritises comfort above performance, such as fleece or french terry. You’ll have plenty of space to walk about and relax while still appearing far more put together than if you just pulled on a pair of pyjama pants. Lounge joggers provide the most comfort.
  • Everyday joggers: Everyday joggers are exactly what they sound like: the finest alternative for enjoying your life in comfort and style on a daily basis. Everyday joggers are perfect for doing errands, picking up the kids from school, keeping comfy yet stylish on a lengthy trip, or going out to a casual brunch with friends. These flexible pants can effortlessly transition from sitting on the sofa to a dental visit and back again, and their comfort and design make them one of the most versatile pieces of apparel on the market.
  • Smart Joggers: Do you despise having to put on “real” pants every time you need to appear in a social gathering. Say hello to the collection of smart joggers then, demonstrating what a little tailoring, a material tweak, and a dash of elegance can achieve. Smart joggers will feature trimmed and tapered legs, allowing you to show off your legs and create a flattering silhouette. Smart joggers are often made of fine-gauge cotton or a similar fabric that sags and bunches at the knees, providing the dishevelled look that so many sweatpants are famous for.

How your joggers should fit depends a lot on where you intend to wear them and what activities you wish to do in them. As a general rule, the more fitted and tapered the leg of your joggers, the more formal the trousers. Conversely, joggers that are broader and less fitted in appearance, have a thicker material, and a less tapered leg are best suited for informal use or lazing about the home. Regardless of the style, you may use the following general guidelines to ensure your joggers fit properly:

  • Your joggers should taper smoothly at the ankle and fit snugly around your ankle. They’re too huge if the bottom of your joggers doesn’t sit near to your skin and lower leg.
  • Joggers should be tapered at the ankle and terminate above, rather than over, your shoes. A good pair of joggers will reveal a little bit of sock or skin.
  • Joggers should have a slender fit that clearly defines the contour of the body, but they should not be too tight to seem fitted or “skinny.”
  • You should be able to move freely and have a decent range of motion in your joggers. You will not be comfortable if you feel constrained in any way, and you will appear to be wearing leggings more than usual.
  • In general, your joggers’ waistband should sit on your hips. More high-waisted joggers are becoming accessible, so if you buy joggers made to be worn higher, they should sit at your natural waist.
  • If you’re trying for an athleisure appearance or just want to lay about in your joggers, the crotch of the trousers can be slightly lowered. There should be no substantial sagging in the crotch if you want a more fitted look.

This article will provide clarity in the minds of the reader about choosing the best jogger pants. One can buy joggers from snapdeal at the most reasonable rates.


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