Iflix is an online video streaming service, designed for countries where internet speeds are low. It is a smaller, cheaper alternative to Netflix and it has already gone live in ten countries. The service is expanding west and east. Iflix is owned by Grove’s investment firm, which has stakes in dozens of other companies. Founders Patrick Grove and Mark Britt were entrepreneurs at the time of the startup. They also believe in respecting local cultures, religions, languages and payment methods.

Whether you want to watch a movie on your laptop, mobile phone, or home theater, iflix has what you need. You can watch movies and TV shows that aren’t available on Netflix, as well as download them to watch later on your phone or TV. There’s even a play to earn option. But don’t expect to get a wide selection of movies and TV shows on IFLIX, because there’s a lot of competition!

Founded by entrepreneurs Patrick Grove and Mark Britt, iflix is Southeast Asia’s leading internet TV service. They are both 40 years old, and both have impressive resumes. Patrick Grove has been awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and ‘Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneur’ by Bloomberg Business. He has also founded three other companies, including the e-commerce company Catcha. In addition to iflix, he is also the CEO of the Catcha Group.


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