How to know when it is time to move out

Whether you are living at home with your parents, in a relationship, living with friends or another living arrangement, there will often be a time when you need to spread your wings and start fresh somewhere new. It can be a little scary to make this decision, but sometimes there are factors that just push you to go. Here is a list of scenarios and instances when moving out might be your best course of action.

The atmosphere is not good

Whoever you are living with, you are likely to have disagreements about things, especially housework, bills and behavior. If disagreements are becoming more frequent though, then this is a big red flag. If you feel that you cannot agree on big issues, or feel like you must alter your lifestyle to satisfy the other person, then it might be time to find a room for rent elsewhere. It is especially important to do this before disagreements begin to escalate. You do not want disagreements caused by sharing a living space to have a long-term impact on your relationships going forward into the future. It is better to leave while things are still recoverable.


Has the house you are living in become unaffordable? There are multiple reasons why a house might become unaffordable; increased rent or bill costs, the area surrounding it becomes more expensive due to tourism or new estates, or your wages decrease. Whatever the reason, if you see a pattern of yourself getting closer to being overdrawn each month, you should consider if it is time to find a cheaper place to live. You do not want to wait too long and find yourself unable to afford the moving costs to leave.


You may find that you want to go because you are not happy with your current lifestyle or work position, and you want to change things up. Perhaps you have always wanted to go travelling for a year, or you want to change to a different company, but it will require a move across country. It is brave to give up a comfortable home that you are used to being in, for your ambitions. Sometimes you just need to take the leap!

A new relationship

Perhaps you want to take a new step in a loving relationship and wish to move in with your partner. Every relationship is different and sometimes this can lead to success, and other times a breakup. You will not know until you try, but if you are a little nervous, moving in on a trial basis may be a good way to see if it is going to be disastrous or not. It is much more complicated to move out once a romantic relationship is entangled in the mix.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons why it could be a good time for you to hit the road, but to avoid any regrets it should be well thought through and timed, because once you give those keys away, you cannot always get them back.

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