whether male or female can choose maintenance or choose to use a facial cleanser  โฟมล้างหน้า Regardless of gender segregation in cosmetics, there is no big difference between men and women’s skin. But overall, women’s skin is smoother. with the influence of female hormones But you’ve probably seen real men. (Not gay or second-rate girls) who have better skin than women in general, so if there is shyness Do not dare to use cosmetics that indicate the opposite sex. I bought the normal type that does not specify gender. Or one that can specify the same gender as us for peace of mind.

I want to inform you readers that Cosmetics for men and women are not very different from each other. But there are some differences that may be found, such as

Men’s cosmetics are different from women’s in that

Often mixed with alcohol to cool, refresh and tighten pores. Overall, it may be good that the skin looks radiant. no it’s gooey The use of alcohol is not a serious matter. If put in a small amount in the hope that it can kill the smooth back on the skin. to help tighten pores Because men want instant results, and yes, because of the larger pores than women overall.

Often mixed with cooling agents such as menthol and peppermint, adding a small amount will make the skin feel cool. But it may cause mild irritation. It’s like applying cold powder. The use of these substances creates a value for men that When buying next time, choose the type that is applied and cool. It will be refreshed, which may hurt the skin as well.

Often mixed with perfume that smells like men’s perfume. Some brands use almost no need to spray perfume. Because the fragrance is very attached to the skin If the skin is still acceptable But if it’s a facial skin, you have to weigh a little bit.

Many men are embarrassed to use makeup that is gender-neutral or feminine. Don’t be shy Because me and many of my friends use different makeup products. because if the ingredients are really good Sexuality can be eliminated. As for women who have more men’s makeup because she often sees some benefits in products, regardless of gender. I think that’s cool.

Tip 13 Alcohol in Cosmetics

The trend of cosmetics mixed with alcohol is quite strong. causing many manufacturers to gradually improve new formulas Or switch to attacking the beauty guru who came out to call out the anti-alcohol trend around the city. First of all, I recommend that the reader know a little before that there are about 2 types of alcohol:

The first type is alcohol. In fact, the name of the mixture is often used as alcohol denat. Denatured alcohol is usually drinkable alcohol. But used to add other substances to adjust the quality or to separate the grade for making cosmetics. In other words, so as not to bring it to drink. this kind of alcohol If used for a long time, people with dry or sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย may experience redness, peeling, irritation, or if mixed in high amounts. (found in pore tightening toners) may cause irritation and stimulate the skin. Can divide abnormally and produce more oil than usual

Many dermatologists said that It can be used short-term to tighten pores or kill bacteria on the face. But if used long-term, may result in free radicals and cause the skin’s moisture balance to be unbalanced. In fact, this type of alcohol. If you mix it a little, it’s not a problem. because I see it as one of the art of creating a formula that blends well. pleasant texture or other reasons, so if it is specified in the ingredients on the box with this mixture in the middle Or at the end of the recipe, it can be used, don’t worry. But if at the beginning In the recipe, it can cause dry, sensitive skin. Please be careful before purchasing.

The second type is alcohol derivatives The structure of the formula is not the same as the alcohol, so the properties are not the same. This is because these types of derivatives are often used to make formulas easier to blend and deliver better absorption of moisture and essential substances from creams into the skin. ) propylene glycol and fatty acid alcohol groups such as cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, oleyl alcohol

Nowadays, many acne medications and even acne products are often mixed with alcohol for effective disinfection. and stability in the formula short term use is available When the acne is gone, stop using it and nourish your skin normally.

Tip 14. Vitamin B3 is awesome.

Can vitamin B3 really whiten your skin? See mixed in many brands of white cosmetics.

niacinamide (niacinamide), or vitamin B3, is a water-soluble vitamin. various performance low irritation Resistant to weather conditions Resistant to acid – alkali as well Therefore, it is often mixed in various brands of cosmetics. As for the properties, it can be enumerated as follows.

as an antioxidant and make the skin white (Should use more than 5 – 10 percent or more)

Helps reduce skin inflammation and acne as well as benzoyl peroxide at a concentration of 4 percent or more.

It is one of the substances that help skin cells to function normally.

Increases moisture and strengthens the protective lipid layer of the skin. and increase the amount of fatty acids and ceramides in the skin It is classified as a good anti-aging substance.

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