Gourmet Foods For People with Type 2 Diabetes

There are not many options available for diabetic patients when it comes to food. Read this blog to know how a diabetic patient can make his food affair a lot more interesting. 

Food Recipes for Sugar-Free Foods for Diabetics

Tuna Cups

At number 1, we have a delicacy filled with protein and is super lean, making it the perfect snack for those who have diabetes, unable to eat according to their will. 

Other ingredients include the likes of nonfat Greek yogurt, red onions, lemon juice, fresh cucumber, garlic salt, and kalamata olives can be used to top the dish off, making it the perfect meal that you can get addicted to in no time. 

For those of you who are in love with sushi, try eating these once a day to put an end to your rice cravings.  

1.Toast with a twist (sea potato toast)

Trying to not get too close to sugary treats, don’t worry, as you can still have your hands full of these gourmet toasts that everyone is drooling over.  Opposed to popular beliefs, making these toasts is actually pretty easy. All it takes is a slice of sweet potato slices gently placed on a sheet and popped into a toaster to feel a heavenly and crispy treat that can be topped off with more delights.

After achieving perfection with the toasts, try to use avocado, butter, mustard, almond, or any other topping to enjoy the exquisite taste. 

2.Vegan Doritos

Often at times, when a patient feels that they are out of options, eating healthy can become a lot more challenging than it actually sounds. The presence of commercials and loud announcements do not make it easy for them either in any way. So what can one do?

Let us take you to the good part. The Doritos are here, but in a different flavor that can cater to your diabetic needs while taking your taste buds for a ride. The use of healthy oil, and grain tortillas, combined with a wide variety of spices, pack the perfect punch of taste that is better than any packaged Doritos that you will ever have. 

3.Jica chips real jicama slices

And there you have it, finally, a company that understood how to pack the goodness of fiber-filled jicama into a good old-fashioned packet of chips. When compared to the average potato chips, these offer way more fiber while having fewer calories and fat to ensure that the patient can feel at home. It is even more impressive that Jicama is naturally low in carbs and sugar, so it is pretty convenient to have as a snack without worrying about a sudden spike in sugar levels. 

4.Ranch radishes

What is simpler than radishes that have tons of nutrition, topped with avocado, dill, parsley, garlic powder, etc., being baked to perfection to come up with a snack that offers everything that junk can, minus the health issues. 

The smoking pepper gets balanced out with the radish, blending in with the spices perfectly, while the veggies act as the perfect base, making the whole meal filling and worth every bite. In case all this wasn’t enough to give it a try, only 52 calories are there in one serving. 

5.Organic Beet Chips

Imagine a beet having the crisp of a potato chip with the addition of all the nutrients that are good for you. Stop right there. We are talking about organic beet chips. This packaged food portion of purity and simplicity can be eaten anytime. 

Tear off the packet and start having your share. The beets are dried, so you do not need to worry about getting your hands all bloodied, but that does not mean that they do not taste fresh with all the goodness of fiber and iron. The packaged food is verified by top food facilities from all parts of the globe, making it the clear snack choice for people with type 2 diabetes.

6.Almond macarons

Take some egg whites, almond flour, and something to make up for the missing sugar levels. Combine all these and you will have the power in your hands for the creation of an Italian delicacy, the macaron. 

There is not much to be done. Just mix it all up, give them the shape of dough balls, and bake them till they are perfectly crispy and they are as good as ever as if you bought them fresh from the bakery yourself. 

7.Barley Salad

This treat is low on the glycemic index, which is also what makes barley the best thing to eat for people who have diabetes. As soon as one mixes it up with a grain salad with lentils, tomatoes, feta, capers, and green onions, it becomes as delightful as any Mediterranean treat. 16 grams of fiber in half a cup of barley only shows how filling it can be with a wide number of treats for diabetic patients.

8.Vegetables (Fermented)

Fermentation is by far the best way to turn up the flavors of the vegetables without having to add tons of salt, sugar, and fat. Not only that, fermented veggies are good for digestion as well since they are filled with probiotics. One might think of it as rocket science when it is fairly easy to ferment your own veggies in reality. 

All it takes is some special lids and a couple of ingredients. Once you have all this, the rest is pretty simple. 

9.Stuffed endives

Is it better to have refined crackers or to treat yourself with stuffed endives? Our pick would be stuffed endives on any day of the week. These are finished with a plain mix of goat cheese, black pepper, and roasted garlic, leaving something behind that can define the word perfection if it exists. 

And don’t worry, the salty flavor won’t make it seem as if salt was the only thing you put in it. The goat cheese melts in the mouth, making you experience stages of foodgasm that you didn’t know existed. 

These are some of the gourmet delights that type 2 diabetes patients can enjoy without regretting their choices later on.

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