After Goa became a Portuguese possession in 1510, it soon became a major trade port with lucrative trading posts on the west coast of India — this is where the spice trade was based. The city-state of India, which included what is now Karnataka, was more than happy to get rid of their spices and other goods because they were some of the most sought after in Europe. This went on for many years until the 17th century, when both nations finally got sick and tired of this type of exchange. Not only were both parties making massive profits from this type of exchange, but relations became rather sour after many years of the Portuguese attacking their ships and jails. In this article, you will know how to get the best resorts in Goa and the top places to visit.

In 1663, the Portuguese East India Company was dissolved by the King of Portugal. The King ordered that all land occupied by the company in India must be returned to local rule. Since Goa was in the hands of a Portuguese viceroy on behalf of Portugal, he refused to relinquish control over it along with Angola and Mozambique. The King of Portugal was outraged and banished the ruler from returning to Portugal. Braganza replaced him with a new viceroy named Mascarenhas. The Portuguese were still in control of Goa, although this time not due to the King’s decision.

The new viceroy Mascarenhas quickly realized that it was useless to hold onto what he considered an unimportant settlement.

Top 10 Places To Visit Goa 

1) Terekhol River: 

This beautiful river starts from a small source near Fatorda and meets the sea between Saligao and Tangasseri. Along the river, you will also find a thick mangrove forest. This river is significant for the people of Goa, who use it as a method of transportation. It has become a tourist attraction due to its scenic beauty in recent years. The main tributaries of this river are Mandovi and Zuari.

2) Netrani Island: 

This island is a scenic beauty with lush greenery and has a mesmerizing view of the blue Arabian Sea. The island is located in the Arabian Sea and is well connected by ferries. The best time to visit Netrani Island is in the winter. While visiting this island, do not forget to watch the sun setting into the Arabian Sea from atop the hillock.

3) Salcete Fort: 

The history of Salcete fort dates back to the 12th century. It is another tourist attraction in Goa, which has become one of the most popular picnic spots. The defence has a beautiful view of the sea and is a perfect place to spend quiet time with loved ones.

4) Goa Shipyard Museum: 

This museum was opened in 1972 and is located at Goa Shipyard, Karmali, near Panjim. It has a collection of old ships, which are now a part of the recorded history of this state. The exhibits are a must-see for all tourists.

5) Panaji: 

The coastal city of Goa is also known as Panjim. This city is called the ‘Queen City’ since it has more temples than any cementary in India. Along with this, it also has beautiful monuments and religious places that Portuguese rulers built.

6) Mandovi River Cruises: 

The famous Mandovi river is a perfect place to enjoy a cruise. The river cruise is best enjoyed at night when you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from the deck of your ship. This cruise will also allow you to meet some of the local fishers.

7) Mattancheri: 

This is one of Goa’s oldest churches, built during the 16th century by the Portuguese rulers after they arrived in India. The church is now a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

8) Anjuna Flea Market: 

This flea market is organized every Wednesday and Sunday in Anjuna. It is one of the biggest markets in India, with hundreds of stalls that sell a wide range of goods from clothes, antiques and paintings to food items. This market is famous among backpackers and international tourists.

9) Chocolate Museum: 

This museum was opened in 2011 by the government of Goa, Casa Grande. The museum has a wide range of chocolate-making exhibits and its history. This is a must-visit place for all chocolate lovers.

10) Arambol Beach: 

Arambol beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, which has become equally popular among international visitors and domestic tourists. The beach is located at Vagator in South Goa. The beach is a perfect place to relax on the white sand. The beach has breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and is ideal for a calm afternoon.

Tips For getting Best Resorts In Goa

It is good to keep your destination in mind to ensure that the hotel will provide a quality service for what you are looking for. You should also consider if the resort is on the beach or not, which would be ideal.

Another thing to think about is your budget because while booking resorts in Goa. You will get from super luxurious to budget hotels with all-inclusive packages. Also, you can search the Internet for hotels and resorts within your budget. When searching the Internet for hotels, make sure that you read all of the reviews from previous guests and any other information available on their website.

Goa hotels offer a range of facilities, from regular hotel services to various activities designed to fulfill your holiday needs. Hotels in Goa provide subtropical climate experiences with well-manicured gardens, swimming pools, and excellent service.


It is a fact that Goa, India, is India’s number one tourist destination. It has attracted tourists from many countries because of its peaceful beaches and mesmerizing nightlife. If you plan to visit this beautiful place, you should know that it offers much luxury and extraordinary experiences for everyone. For centuries people have been visiting Goa for these reasons. If you want to see this place, you have to know the significant resorts in Goa. Whether it is money or time, you need to know about the best hotels in Goa. This information can help you choose your next trip to this beautiful place. A person must not fall for the wrong information. There are many kinds of resorts and hotels in Goa that can be trusted or can be a nightmare for the tourist.


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