It seems everyone wished each other on new year’s Eve yesterday. It’s incredible how time flies by – it’s already time for Easter celebrations. Easter Sunday is fast approaching, and it is time to start preparing those lovely baskets. According to market research, over 79% of American citizens celebrate Easter, and they spend over $3.7 billion on gifts and gift basket stuff. It is also one of the most critical events for families to interact and have fun together, painting and hiding Easter eggs. It also presents businesses around the country with marketing and sales opportunities. Around 66% of parents create their children’s Easter baskets and don’t use the premade ones. Candies and easter eggs are unique, but you can stand out among your loved ones by adding custom plush toys bunnies and other stuffed animals. As a business, you can also leverage plush toys by adding them to the gift baskets for marketing and brand awareness. 

Reasons to add custom plush toys to gift baskets:

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  • Make the gift basket appealing: Easter is incomplete without Easter bunnies, and by adding the cute and cuddly plushies, you are appealing to people, especially children. Everyone needs a hug from time to time, and there is not a much better product that offers unlimited hugs and fun. And, if you are thinking of only children like stuffed animals, you are far from reality. Plush toys have a universal appeal; they look cute awesome to hug, and most people react when they receive plushies positively. They help create a sense of nostalgia for their childhood, and who doesn’t like the fantastic feeling of being a child again. 44% of adults reported having a favorite stuffed animal with them, and 34% of them still sleep hugging them every night. The University of Amsterdam had displayed several benefits of having a plush toy for people with low self-esteem and their effects on alleviating anxieties. 
  • You can easily customize: Custom plush toys are highly customizable according to the theme of gift baskets. Easter bunnies are one such example; you can convert your brand mascot, logo, character, artwork into plushies according to your requirements. If you are a business, you can use plush toys to create buzz for product launches generate awareness and loyalties. It is easy to customize your plush toys to match your brand logo and colors. Additionally, you can dress up them using accessories like t-shirts, bows, tags, bandanas with your brand name printed on them. You can create using different sizes according to need. 
  • They last long with a high-retention rate: Unlike other gifts during significant events, custom plush toys don’t end up in the trash and have a high-retention rate. Even when people don’t keep them for themselves, they give them to their relatives or friends’ children. High-quality plushies have a long shelf-life; they don’t break when they fall; you can stitch them when they tear and wash them when dirty. As a business, they are a perfect giveaway for promotions, generating goodwill and awareness. It is not like people receive a promotional plush toy every day, so they are perfect for impressions. 

Ways to use custom plush toys: 

Custom plush toys are fantastic for Easter gift baskets, but there are other ways you can use these toys. 

  • For charities and fundraising events: You can show your support to an important cause and stand with your community using custom plushies for fundraising events for charities and non-profits. You can offer plush toys to people who are making sizable contributions. It will encourage them to donate in the future and remind them of their good deeds. With some imagination, you can create different themed toys for each occasion, making them collectible for enticing more people to your charity. Another way is to create a surprise “prize” basket. 
  • Gifts for employees and team members: You can design custom mascot plushies or selfies to custom plushies for your employees or team members. You can do the distance and create a plush toy with their beloved ones or pets – taking their permission off course. It will show your thoughtfulness and care for them, motivating them to work harder and be loyal to your organization. 
  • Giveaways at hospitals: No one wants to go to hospitals, but, unfortunately, people have to go; they are a perfect place to give custom plushies. You can giveaway to patients, including children and adults, caregivers, nursing staff as a goodwill gesture. These are certainly going to lift their mood – even for some moments. 
  • At schools: According to research, if a child loves a product, then the probability of parents liking the product increases manifold. Distributing custom logo bunnies or other toys at preschools and kindergartens will ensure parents take note of your brand. You are promoting your brand while giving a lovely gift to children. 


Custom plush toys are unique gifts and giveaways, but you need a reliable manufacturer to produce high-quality plushies. EverLighten has over eighteen years of experience manufacturing custom plushies for every sized organization, non-profits, sports teams, influencers, and individuals. 

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