For people with spectacles getting LASIK eye surgery (website) is the only hope to help them get rid of specs and contact lenses. Wearing specs all the time can be hectic and annoying. You can’t take complete pleasure in so many things due to your poor eyesight. And for all such issues, LASIK is the ultimate solution that can help deal with poor eyesight by bringing your vision back to normal.

Is Lasik Detectable?

Yes, it can be detected easily through advanced equipped machines but not on torchlight. So basically, LASIK cannot be seen if somebody checks you on a torchlight, but if a doctor contains you on a lamp or does a topography test, LASIK can be detected.

Also, LASIK can be done twice if required, but it is an infrequent possibility that you would need a second sitting of Lasik, but today’s machines are very accurate, and they deliver you point results every time.

Enhancement can be done if required. Suppose the number fluctuates. Maybe if there’s a residual number after your procedure, the surgeon can take you for a second session.

Is Lasik Helpful in Removing Specs of people with High Power?

There is zero chance that blindness can occur due to LASIK. They are just fake rumors that LASIK can cause blindness.

Lasik can help cure high myopia. Lasik can cure myopia up to minus 8. It can sometimes be stretched up to minus nine if you have an excellent corneal thickness. Beyond minus nine less is usually not suggested, and then you can prefer other options, something called ICL, where doctors put in the lens inside your eye to correct your spectacle number.

It can cure plus numbers. So plus numbers listing can quickly fix until six or five can easily be corrected. Also, LASIK can be done in one eye; you can get it done in one eye if you have a number in one look.

Suppose you know the problem, then it can be treated with the correct testing machines. Very high estimate with it somewhere to the tune of minus four also sometimes till minus five can be corrected comfortably and with security.

How far is LASIK surgery safe?

Some of the insurance companies do cover LASIK as well if you have very high-end insurance if you have very premium insurance covered, but usually, most of the insurance companies do not give you coverage because they come under cosmetic surgery. Some insurance companies are giving you cover; if you have a high number somewhere. Suppose if you have several T-minus six minus seven of the odd, then insurance companies are covering at times.

There are no such significant risks caused by LASIK. It is one of the safest and most secure methods.

Is the surgery advisable for people with dry eyes?

Lasik may lead to dry eyes. It does cause drying, but it’s temporary, So every patient who will undergo LASIK will have some dry eyes. But those dry eyes are quick. Usually, doctors give you lubricating drops that you have to put on four times a day, and you are very comfortable, and usually, after three months, the dry eyes symptoms disappear entirely.

Also, in your elastic pre-op examinations, a dry eye test has been done, and if they feel that you have dry eyes in your eyes, then it is better not to go for LASIK and can pick some other available options.

Who are all eligible for specs removal surgery?

Suppose you have any psychotic drugs. It is better to be widely sick. What usually happens is that if you’re taking this kind of medicine, sometimes the patient can have higher expectations from the procedure, which if it doesn’t get, he can further go into depression. So if you’re a patient with depression, avoid this kind of cosmetic surgery.

For getting Lasik surgery done y, you have to be a minimum of 18 years of age, and your spectacles number has to be stable for the last six months.

How is LASIK helpful throughout life?

Lasik lasts forever. Once you get your surgery done, you are sorted for life. But if you have to understand that Lasik makes your eye like a normal eye and any changes which would happen to an everyday look with age would happen to your eye which means that around 45 fifty years of age you would start developing a powerful reading that doctors cannot stop, but for the distance, you want to go for a job, you want to watch a movie, you want to watch TV, you want to you know maybe move for a sports activity, for all those activities you are without glasses forever.

It is widespread to get cataracts after 60 then. You need surgery for that. Also, for healthcare, it is something like the hair going white after a certain age. It is an efficient process that cannot be stopped.

Final Words

Some criteria you should know are that you should be above 18 years of age. Your spectacle number should be stable for the last six months; a minor variation of 0.5 or 0.25 doesn’t matter. It is not advisable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should not be having any of those drugs that could compromise your immune system, and you should only have the number in your eye and should not have any other problem in your eye.

Suppose you’re planning to get LASIK, don’t. So once you checklist all these ideas, we do 5 to 6 kinds of tests. The doctor has checked your retina; they fit your cornea and make some maps. The surgeons have also checked things like dry eyes and your spectacle number.


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