Best Cash Earning Games Online in 2022


Games, whether you like it or not, have become a part of our daily routine if we may say so. As in, we turn towards it when things get stressful, or when we just need a break or some me time, chilling with friends and family and what not. The gaming industry has expanded its horizons and now we have multiple games that serve multiple interests. From brain teaser games to skill-based games to chill games, it has everything you’re looking for. But, what if these games can fetch you free rewards, bonuses and cash prizes? Isn’t that like an icing on the cake? If you are someone who enjoys a good game and also wants to make the most of it or garner something good out of it then this article is for you.

Here we have listed 5 such cash earning games you can play online and earn too in 2022.

Read through to know all about it..

1. Real Money Pool App

A game that will keep you gripped to your seats and at the edge of it at all times. Real Money Pool App lets you play the very popular 8 Ball Pool game. Now, we are all aware of this game and have at some point in our life tried to play it too, haven’t we? Here, you get to participate, plate and be a part of the various tournaments they keep having and if you’ve got what it takes and happen to win then you also get to win free rewards which you wouldn’t want to miss. This game isn’t any different from the regular 8 Ball Pool but the only difference is that it gives you an opportunity to win and take home the rewards.

2. Rummy

The online rummy cash game isn’t a new game in fact, it has been around for decades to come now. It is a very popular game because of the thrill and entertainment you get playing Indian Rummy, you can’t find it elsewhere. That is why it is also mentioned in this list so that you know you can always head over to play online rummy.  From free practice games to cash games and tournaments they have it all. And of course, you do get to win bonuses, rewards and real time cash prizes that you can take home. Like they say if the stakes are high then then wins are also high. Whether you want a little time off your mundane schedule or just a break, download the app and enjoy the game.

3. Wealth Words

Crossword games and brain teaser games are quite a hit among people. Maybe because it puts your brain power to test and lets you think in a unique and strategizing way which you wouldn’t otherwise. Wealth Words is a crossword game that brings together fun, thrill, strategizing, thinking and winning together just for you. Right now, this game is hitting the charts with its gameplay and popularity and it’s the best we’ve got out there.

It’s not your regular puzzle or crossword game, it does let you challenge opponents or people and then win huge when you get through the game. This is what sets it apart from the rest.

4. World Winner

This is another such game where there are tournaments, arcade and word games to let players play and win real time cash. The prize money is quite high, you can actually get your hands on cash up to Rs.5,00,000, isn’t that huge?

So, leave everything you’re doing and download the app to try your hand at this game and win big bucks.

5. Swagbucks

A game that is pretty much played by everyone all over the world and has been rated three times in a day, Swagbucks lets you earn virtual currency and exchange cash. They have multiple games under one game and on one platform. For example, Swagbucks Live is a live trivia game where players can answer simple yet interesting questions and gain free cash rewards daily. Likewise, there are many other such games that will interest you and let you win some free cash on the way!


This isn’t news for us that you can earn while playing because people have been doing it for a while now so if you haven’t been profiting from the game then you’re missing out on the good stuff. Yes, it is the easiest way to earn cash because you sit at home and just play. But play using your skills and brains 😀

From online rummy games to trivia games to brain teasers and simple games, we tried covering a bunch of them for you. Of course, these are only a handful of these games, but we hope this helps you.

So, the entertainment part is taken care of and your 2022 can be a fun filled one 🙂

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