BBQs 2u is the ideal store to purchase a new pizza oven if you are in the market. You will receive a cutting-edge portable oven explicitly made for outdoor use.

For those who enjoy making delectable pizzas in their backyard or while camping, Delivita Diavolo Green is a great option. This oven will last a long time because it is constructed from premium materials.

Delivita Diavolo Green is a versatile pizza oven, compatible with propane and butane gas, and achieves a blazing 500°C in 15 minutes with its potent heating element. Crafted from premium materials, it features a double-walled stainless-steel dome for optimal insulation and heat retention.

The refractory stone base ensures even heat distribution, promising consistently crispy crusts. Say goodbye to long waits and embrace quick, delightful pizza preparation with this efficient and high-quality oven from BBQs 2u.

What distinguishes Delivita Diavolo Green from its competitors is the complimentary inclusion of the following:

  • A carry case, gas hose & regulator
  • A folding pizza peel
  • A temperature gun.

Everything essential is thoughtfully packaged in one box, ensuring you have all you need for outdoor cooking right from the start. An outstanding investment for enthusiasts of outdoor culinary delights, providing the means to savour delectable, stone-baked pizzas in the cozy confines of home.


  • Stylish, unique design: Available in stunning shades of dark blue or green. Composed of aluminium and only has a 9.2 kg weight.
  • Maximum temperature of 500°C: It takes fifteen minutes to heat up and sixty seconds to bake the pizza. Perfect for courtyards, gardens, and city balconies.
  • Gas consumption: LPG or camping gas.
  • Lightweight: With its stone included, the oven weighs only 9.2 kg, making it incredibly portable.
  • Accessories: Delivita Diavolo Green pizza oven’s accessories include a temperature gun, weather protection cover, and pizza pee.
  • Aluminium outer shell: As the oven’s outside shell is composed of aluminium, it weighs even less and is especially convenient.
  • Coloured enamel outer cover: The stove has a colourful enamelled outer shell that is robust and long-lasting in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Low-pressure camping gas bottles: The Diavolo pizza oven is incredibly convenient to use and operate because it uses common low-pressure camping gas cylinders.
  • New top reflector: A new top reflector installed in the oven provides for ideal heat distribution and flame-flowing cooking.
  • Upper-temperature control: The oven is safer to use, and the baking temperature can be precisely controlled thanks to the upper-temperature control.


  • Flavour and Convenience

Without the inconvenience of traditional wood-fired ovens, savour the true flavour of wood-fired pizza. Pizza lovers and novices alike will love the Diavolo because it offers both flavour and convenience.

  • Value Bundle

Utilize the fantastic value bundle to save time and money. With the accompanying accessories, creating pizza is even easier and more fun.

  • Versatile Cooking

In addition to being ideal for pizza, the Diavolo also works well for roasting, grilling, and baking, giving you more outdoor cooking alternatives.

  • Perfect for Any Occasion

Every occasion is made more enjoyable and savoury with the Diavolo, whether it is a family meal or a get-together with friends.

BBQs 2u will offer the after-sales-service for this Delivita Diavolo Green oven.


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