7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Social Media

Videos have become a crucial element of a marketer’s toolbox. We are guilty of spending hours surfing through our social media feeds. Naturally, it has become an opportunity for marketers to bring more revenue through content marketing.

92% of marketers consider video a crucial part of their marketing strategy, and 81% of marketers plan to include video content in their marketing strategy over the next several years . There’s no reason you should leave out videos from your marketing campaign because 88% of people say that they have bought a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

The statistics give you an idea of how profitable video marketing can be. If you are still not convinced, take a look at seven reasons why you should include videos in your next social media campaign.

1. Attract more eyes towards you

Videos are the most engaging form of content out there. As per a video marketing report by HubSpot, video content consumed online has doubled since 2018. Hence, if you are still not using videos for promoting your brand, now is the time!

A picture might not speak a thousand words. Videos have the power to deliver a 360-degree-vision of a product and create an impactful impression on the audience via small, engaging snippets.

85% of marketers say that video is an effective tool to get customer attention online. Besides, social media algorithms push video content up, and hence, it gets more and more traction. Take a look at Instagram Reels, for example. The platform favors reels over other kinds of posts, and it’s a great way to get discovered on Instagram.

2. Tell your story

Video is a top-notch medium for visual storytellers. If you are a content creator or editor, you can use videos to their full potential to tell your brand’s story (and maybe promote a product or two).

Storytelling allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. If you can craft and deliver the message in a way that piques their interest, they are likely to start looking for more.

Emphasize your values and tell your story in the most authentic way possible such that your audience can relate to it. Since a large section of your internet are Gen Z people, you should keep your messaging crisp, impactful and engaging to leave behind a strong impression.

3. Brand exposure

If people do not know about you, how will they buy your product in the first place? The first step in any marketing funnel is to create awareness about your brand. Videos are an effective medium for increasing brand awareness because people tend to remember video content better than audio or long paragraphs.

One way to maximize brand exposure using videos is by optimizing them across different platforms. According to Impactplus, videos are 50 times more likely to get an organic ranking than text results.

The functionality of social media platforms and search engines are sort of similar. Hence, proper SEO optimization will land your videos in front of the right audience and increase brand awareness by many folds.

4. Drive conversions

Videos influence the purchase decisions of customers in a never-before-imagined way. The success rate of TV commercials versus online ads clearly shows the latter as the winner. TV commercials are not as targeted as online brand videos that pop us as advertisements.

When people search for a brand, they are more likely to get a few ads from similar brands on their social media feeds. It leaves them with a trail to discover more. You can do this by adding a CTA like “to explore more, click here” and adding a link that will redirect viewers to the brand website.

5. Get great ROI

Gone are the days when video marketing was only affordable for big-shot companies. You can opt for budget-friendly shooting equipment that yields similar top-quality results. Hence, any business can start investing in video marketing. With the best video editing tool you can also cut down post-production costs and create professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes.

87% of marketers got positive ROI after using videos as part of their marketing strategy. It is a stark difference compared to 2015, when only 33% of video marketers felt the same way.

If you are worried about producing high-quality video content, start with your very own smartphone and invest in any online video editor to get started.

6. Build loyalty

Brand videos showcase authenticity better than any other form of content.  With videos, you are not hiding behind photoshop and lighting. You are giving the audience an experience of the product before they even get their hands on it.

Videos allow the audience to put their trust in you. You can showcase what your business stands for and what goes on behind the scenes. As a business, you can also collaborate with influencers to market your products in their unique way. It is especially effective because viewers tend to trust a familiar face more than the brand itself.

7. Track your success

Social media platforms and even an online video editor that you use for producing videos come with powerful analytic tools. Features like these allow you to measure what has worked and what has not. You and your marketing team can use this data to tweak the existing campaign or input changes when creating the new one.

The metrics of any social media campaign speak volumes about marketing efforts. Hence, using analytics tools can be beneficial in the long term.

These are the key reasons you should be using videos on social media.

TL;DR, videos are essential for social media campaigns because they make your brand visible, bring in more leads, and offer better ROI than traditional marketing methods.


Videos have the power to make your brand go viral. The best part? You can do that without burning a hole in your pocket.

Videos are here to stay for the time being, unless the marketing world evolves into something entirely different. Every business needs video marketing to grow in today’s fast-paced digital world. Users will only stop scrolling if you serve them cutting-edge video content. So, give them what they want and see your brand grow.

Compelling video content is the one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. Harness the power of video content and social media and watch it play its magic as it converts viewers into leads.

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