Forex trading is becoming day by day more popular. Millions are now jumping to invest in currencies as a part-time and full-time trader. If you are also planning to start your career in the forex market, then you must want to know the secrets of forex trading.  

Most novice traders look for easy shortcuts, but forex trading requires a lot of learning, practice and hard work in order to become a successful forex trader.  

We are sharing here 5 secrets of forex trading by the experts that will help you to become a pro. 

Secret # 1: Maintain a Trading Journal

Many successful traders create a trading journal in order to keep the record manually.  Although most of the brokers provide real-time trading records, the problem with these records is that they do not contain everything.  So, it is important to maintain a manual trading journal. This will enable you to track your trading record independently, monitor profit and losses, margin usage and much more.

Nevertheless, this practice could be time-consuming but is one of the top secrets of the successful forex traders because it provides details of your mistakes. 

Secret # 2: Test Your Trading Strategy using Simulation Tools

Your trading strategy is like a rulebook that will dictate you when you trade forex. It tells what you can and cannot accomplish when you trade forex.

The problem is that when you design a trading strategy, it looks good on paper and can be executed in two hours. The only way to determine the true effectiveness of your trading plan, is to put it into action. 

There are many simulation tools available that can help you stress test your trading strategy without putting any of your capital at risk. Such tools test our trading strategy based on historical data and put it through  rigorous testing in order to determine its true effectiveness.

Secret # 3: Differentiate Between Fads and Trends

If you want to be a competent forex trader, you need to keep yourself updated from daily financial news. But, this is not enough to make you an outstanding success in forex trading. 

Understanding the difference between fads and trends is very important. For this, you need to have a complete grip on macroeconomics and its market significance. If you really want to know the true secret of forex trading, you must need to know that breaking down the in-depth details of macroeconomics of GDP, inflation, interest rates and earning is the key.

Secret # 4: Remain Stick to Newswire

If you want to become a true forex trader, keep yourself glued to newswires. Pay special attention to the news that really affects the forex market. 

You should not only focus on technical analysis of the news but fundamental analysis is equally significant.  So, do not push it into the back foot. NFP Forex is the best platform that keeps forex traders up to date. So, keep checking it to get financial updates.


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