One popular fallacy in long-term committed relationships is that “the spark” and passion only exist in the first few months of a new relationship. Another is that it’s impossible to maintain passion in a relationship long-term.

The Spark Explained

It’s the “butterflies” you feel in your stomach. It’s the electricity and tingling feeling that runs through your body when touching the person you love. It’s deep-seated exhilaration. While it’s natural to lose the spark in a relationship as time passes, you can always rekindle it. There are romantic things you can do, such as giving flowers, to keep the flame alive.

How You Can Keep The Spark Alive

Making true, permanent change in a relationship requires more than just setting up a date or two. When you and your spouse are equally devoted to rekindling the romance in your relationship, anything is possible. 

Plan Romantic Moments

You must create what you desire, rather than hoping it will happen by itself or relying on your spouse to do the job. To be a good spouse, you must be emotionally fit and able to move from desiring to doing. Consider how you felt at the start of your relationship: you were prepared to go to any length to make that person happy. 

Communicate Positively

When was the last time you had a genuine conversation with your partner? Communication is essential for maintaining the spark. Talking does not mean a brief conversation before falling asleep. 

It entails developing plans, discovering your partner’s love language, and learning what’s on the other’s mind. It entails developing a genuine emotional bond with your loved one and viewing things from their perspective. 

According to research, you need five times as many positive exchanges as negative ones to establish a successful connection, especially if you desire an intimate one. 

It’s simple to understand how shutting down and being shut out of your intimate partner’s world might have a detrimental influence. If you want to rekindle the romance in your relationship, you must prioritize effective communication.

Individual Growth Is Important

What we find attractive in others is frequently a part of ourselves that we aren’t utilizing. As communication deteriorates, we get resentful because those traits are being shut down and inhibited in the other person, resulting in discontent with the relationship. 

When regularity and habit set in, relationships may become stale—and personal growth is the key to keeping a relationship alive. 

Learn something new together, go on a trip somewhere neither of you has been, or discover another activity you can do together. You must be willing to extend yourself individually and as a pair to develop together rather than apart.

Begin Again – Over and Over

Keeping passion in a relationship alive takes honesty, effort, and creativity, but it is not impossible. You need to look at yourself and your relationship like a never-ending journey. You need to rekindle the passion in your relationship over and over again so that it never dies. In doing so, you can have a continually passionate relationship. 


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