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Get More Instagram Views

Why do you need Instagram Views ?

Views are important for your video to become popular with as many views as the more popular becomes your video, if your video becomes popular, automatically and the author becomes popular and famous.

How GetLiker boost Instagram account ?

We pay other users to watch your video, which will bring views and popularity in the instagram.

Why GetLiker ?

We offer the best services in the field of social networking.
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How to pay for Instagram Views ?

We receive payments through paypal, to pay for our services is enough to click buy now on the product and follow the steps, enter the link you are asked for depending on the service and then you can proceed to paypal to complete the payment.

Tracking your order

The services you buy from us, you can track them and see where the stage is, how? very simple! After you buy a service, you receive the unique ID of the order, which will also be sent to your email, that ID you enter on the Tracking page, and you receive information about your order!